777 – Triple Seven

Hot Rockin‘ Chernobilly

Rock’n’Roll? Ain’t it that oldfashioned music our parents danced to and every teenager falls asleep? If this is your impression for the keyword Rock’n’Roll, You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog!!! But it’s not too late to disabuse you… Three young men from Osnabrück (GER) have just one mission in their lives: getting Rock’n’Roll where it belongs: Anywhere the girls are!

777 – Triple Seven, with Nikolai Petrov (vocals/guitar), Arnold Ogrodnik (upright bass) and Ollov Orlowski (drums), have become a real insider’s tip within short time and that not just in the Rockabilly-Scene.

The boys hit the pedal to the metal with their hot self-penned songs till their fingers start smoking: “Rockabilly meets what we want”. This very unique musical style, they like to call it Chernobilly, is a delicious sound cocktail of Rockabilly, spiced with the perfect amount of Swing, Country, Rock and Surf. It will for sure remind you of the reincarnated Elvis Presley after eating seven servings of chili con carne.

Their debut “unleashed” was released on Part Records in 2010, their second record “Ghost Train” followed in May 2012.
So if you’re ready for some danceable Hot Rockin‘ Chernobilly pick up Peggy Sue from the Heartbreak Hotel, slip in your Blue Suede Shoes and come around…

Chernobill is here to thrill!!!                        

Nikolai Petrov






Arnold Ogrodnik



upright bass



Ollov Orlowski